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When the losers are invisible, the winners are invincible. If you want to help those who have been pushed into the shadows and rendered expendable by government sponsorship of casinos and lotteries, you can share your own story here.

I only stopped because the casino closed late at night

I started Gambling to get rid of the stress from work. I would Drive 2 hours to Atlantic City. It wasn’t bad… I had a limit and Atlantic City was too far to go more than three times a year…. Read more

She Paid the Ultimate Price for Gambling Addiction

“When (casinos) go for their renewal in front of the Illinois Gaming Board, they’ll talk about all the good they did,” Clarence [her ex-husband] said. “But they never came and tried to help me out. It’s pretty aggravating. Sorry, I… Read more

Rachel Duncan: Gambling ‘hooks you in’

Rachel Duncan’s theft from the S.C. Hospitality Association started with a few thousand dollars in 2006. The longer she got away with it, the more she took. After five years and nearly $500,000, there is nothing left. Every penny was… Read more

State does not take responsibility for their role in creating addicted gamblers

Here is a customer the multi-billion dollar casino industry doesn’t want you to know about. We’ll call her Helen. Helen is an 84-year-old widow who is a gambling addict, only she won’t admit to having a problem. Not long ago… Read more

I know, as do so many gamblers, what it feels like to be so desperate and full of pain that I wanted to take my own life

A gambler I know committed suicide because of the money he owed to a casino. He was not a statistic I read about nor is this the story of a friend of a friend. This was “Tom” (not his real… Read more

Because of my addiction, government lost about $250,000 on me

Are you a compulsive gambler? I would never have known I was one if a casino had not opened 15 minutes from where I live. I’d previously gone to the occasional Bingo game, but that was the extent of my… Read more

Lottery Scratch Ticket Nightmare

Hi! My name is Erin, and I am a compulsive gambler. My “game of choice” was scratch-off tickets. I am 47 years old, married, and we have three great “kids.” I started out just buying one scratch-off once in a… Read more

Taxation by Exploitation

Read this unforgettable speech delivered by Arelia Taveras at the Stop Predatory Gambling Conference in September 2008. Arelia has been incarcerated at the Taconic Correctional Facility in Bedford Hills, NY since 2009.  (A PDF version can be downloaded here.) Good… Read more

Playing the slots was like “the greatest drug there ever was”

After gambling away nearly $2.5 million dollars of a client’s money, Thomas Koch, a 46-year old lawyer from Greenfield, Wisconsin, said at his own sentencing that playing the slots was like “the greatest drug there ever was”. Koch was sentenced… Read more

I’d Give Anything to Get Her Back

I am writing this hoping that by sharing my story someone might learn from it and hopefully prevent gambling from destroying their family. I remember growing up thinking that I had the best family in the world. A mother who… Read more

My Gambling Addiction Led Me to Prison

In January 2000, I walked the 100 or so yards from my wife’s car to the gate of the Federal Prison in El Reno. I was beginning what would be a five year sentence for bribery. I had been a… Read more

Casino management knows people like me are compulsive gamblers but they only encourage us to lose even more control

I have struggled with casino gambling for many years. I travel in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee on business and therefore go in or near areas with casinos often. While a person who does not have a control issue may find… Read more

She can’t think about her childhood without remembering often being left for hours in Atlantic City casinos

From Philadelphia, PA – Lai Har Cheung was in kindergarten when her Chinese parents – a seamstress and cook who spoke no English – began dragging the kids to Caesars and dumping them in the casino arcade.  “They’d give us a… Read more

Winning or losing didn’t matter

Michael Burke’s story offers a unique perspective on gambling addiction. Born into a family of prominent attorneys, Mike had long practiced law before entering a hospital inpatient program in the late 1970s for alcohol addiction, where he was warned by… Read more

Speak out and make your words count. I am and I need you to do it too.

Whoever is reading this, I hope you get in touch with me. My story is compelling and soon to be on every bookshelf in the country. I will also being doing speaking engagements. My story is very riveting. I am… Read more

How predatory gambling is destroying my life

I had never set foot inside a casino before I was 30, never bought a scratchers ticket, never bet on horses, I never liked the thought of risking my money. That changed one day in March of 2007. I was… Read more

We Are Miracles

Today I begin another day in recovery! My last bet was September 20, 2007. I was in a motor vehicle accident on September 21, 2007. I was airlifted to University Hospital for evaluation of head and neck injuries. From the… Read more

Journey of a Casino Gambler

“Oh, my God! I’m driving into the parking lot.” “Oh, no, I’m walking into the casino. I’ll just walk in and look around. I won’t gamble!” All these things were said out loud to myself as I relapsed. This is… Read more

The Sure Ticket to a Beautiful Life

As a young boy being raised in New York City, I would pitch pennies against the building with other boys in the neighborhood; and the person whose penny was the closest to the building would be the winner. What a… Read more

Store manager: “This game ruins a lot of people’s lives”

Antoinette Borges manages a business that makes a lot of money off lottery, the Alpine Liquor store on North Nebraska Avenue in Tampa. But she has doubts about what she sees each day at the register, where losers far outnumber… Read more

I lost my family, house, dog, everything I had

I gambled all the time, and I lost my family, house, dog, everything I had. It was terrible. I then started using drugs and drinking a lot, but I just recently stop when I started going to church. Now I’m… Read more

Woman Loses Her Life after Calling Gambler Husband “Coward”

A Reno man has been sentenced to life in prison for strangling his wife after she called him a “coward” for gambling away all their savings. The Reno Gazette-Journal reports the sentence was imposed Friday on 55-year-old Samuel Kung, who… Read more

Convenient Store Owner Sells Store Because It Became a “Veritable Casino”

A woman came in with $200 in her pocket to replace tires on her car. I happen to know she’s a single mother who can’t afford to be filling that wastebasket with losing Lottery cards. But by the time she… Read more

Don’t bet on the joys of pokies

When I was working in the Cairns Casino I’d often arrive on the floor to replace a guy who had been in the industry as long as casinos had been in Australia. He had started back at Wrest Point in… Read more

Children Learning to Gamble by Playing Online Games

I am in my early thirties and, like many other adults, I spend some of my spare time by escaping in the fantasy online game called RuneScape, published by Jagex Ltd, a UK company based in Cambridgeshire. The game is… Read more

Gambling Addict Makes Mess in Casino

I was in the office when I got a phone call from one of the supervisors in the pit. “It smells like s–t out here”. At the time I did not take the call literally, so I asked her to… Read more

Gambling Away Insurance Money

My husband’s family are gambling addicts. His cousin, Ron, is a hard-worker, but always broke on account of using virtually every dollar he has to ‘hit the jackpot.’ In his 40s, Ron has moved back in with his parents because… Read more

Attorney says client is now punishing herself for becoming addicted to state’s video lottery

On Thursday, another Sioux Falls office manager found herself facing a prison sentence for stealing money from the company she worked for. Karen Lovro admitted to aggravated grand theft back in January for stealing $399,525 from Musivend, a company that… Read more

Gambling Addiction Causes Woman to Steal Money from Her In-Laws

Scott Dennison’s voice fades almost to a whisper and his dark eyes wander the floor as he talks about what’s become of his life. There are times when all he feels is shame. “Everything I’ve worked for,” he says, “is… Read more

I became an addictive gambler.

I would eat, sleep and drink gambling, I was thinking about it everyday, wondering when I could gamble again. I would sometimes go to all three casinos in one day, thinking I could make my money back. I have lost… Read more

Daughter Gambles Mom’s Savings Away

As Debra Davis’ mother lay near death in a Birmingham hospital bed two years ago, her daughter gambled away her life savings. Davis had a limited power of attorney for her mother Doris Anderson, trusted the mortgage and other bills… Read more

Former Library Treasurer Pleads Guilty to Embezzling Money for Gambling

Elizabeth Wilk, former treasurer of the Chicopee Friends of the Public Library, on Tuesday pleaded guilty to stealing $115,198 from that group. Wilk, 57, was also vice president of mortgage lending for Chicopee Savings Bank at the time, a position… Read more

Former Lottery Sales Agent Files Freedom of Information Request About Lottery Data, Receives Visit From the Police

Adam Osmond thinks that the Connecticut Lottery Corp. is out to silence him. A former lottery sales agent who was convicted last year after printing hundreds of thousands of tickets for his own use and not paying for them, Osmond… Read more

Targeted by the Oregon Lottery

I have gambled for 21 years of my adulthood. I gambled for the first time legally on my 21st birthday in a casino. Gambling always had me. The lure of the big win. The lure of easy street. Immature thinking… Read more

Gamblers: A Danger On The Road!!!

Gamblers on the road put your family’s safety at risk – and, are a threat to their own lives. I know because I have done it!!! I’ve spent 36 hours at a casino without sleep or food and spending money… Read more

Letter from Jailed Iowan

Read here a story from Andrew Branster, an incarcerated Iowan, whose gambling addiction landed him there. He writes about his struggles and the lack of help for his addiction he is given whilst in jail. Click on the pdf below… Read more

Woman paid ultimate price for addiction, ex-husband says

In this Chicago Tribune article, a suburban mother’s story of how she lost thousands of dollars at the slots is told. To read the whole story, click the link below.   Woman paid ultimate price for addiction, ex-husband says

Casinos are mostly about losing

By Kurt Rogahn (appeared in The Gazette, January 13, 2013) The people enthused about bringing a casino to Cedar Rapids sure talk a winning game. But everything they promise — the jobs, the money for education, social needs, the arts,… Read more

21 years of devastation, chaos, and progressive self destruction

I have gambled from adolescence into 21 years of my adulthood. I gambled for the first time legally on my 21st bday in a casino. Gambling always had me. The lure of the big win. The lure of easy street…. Read more

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