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Most Americans have little understanding about predatory gambling and its partnership with our government. They don’t know the devastating impact it has made on millions of men and women and their families or how predatory gambling contributes to inequality in our communities and our nation. Nor are they aware how much money it is costing them, especially those who don’t visit casinos or buy lottery tickets. How do we change this? Each of us must share our story because by sharing our experience, we will help awaken the conscience of our public officials, our media and our fellow citizens. You also will help prevent what happened to you and your family from happening to someone else. Your story is important whether:
    • you are a current or former problem gambler
    • someone you love has been hurt by the predatory gambling business
    • you work or used to work in the casino or lottery business as an employee, convenience store clerk, etc.
    • you fought against predatory gambling in your community and state
    • you are a citizen concerned about the direction of America
Sharing your story will make a difference. To read the stories of those who have already spoken about their experience, please visit our Voices section. We will only list your name and state with your post. If you don't want us to include your name on your posting, please mention it in the beginning of your post.

Sharing your story will make a difference

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