Stop Predatory Gambling

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  • Share the information from this site and share it with your family, friends, public officials and local media.
  • Bring your civic or faith group together in a forum setting to openly discuss predatory gambling.
  • Print the address for the Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation website in your bulletin along with other websites with accurate information.
  • Teach and speak on the topic of predatory gambling with its negative impact on our society.
  • Distribute bulletin inserts to your congregation.
  • Develop a committee to study this issue and make additional recommendations for action.
  • Attend community forums or call talk radio to discuss predatory gambling and have others join you.
  • Educate yourself by understanding our mission by reading the Declaration, exploring the Facts & Research Center to understand the history of predatory gambling and our government's role in it, and be up to date with current news and legislation concerning predatory gambling

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