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There is a lot of “new” news for the media to report about predatory gambling in America. Here are several new important story lines for the media to investigate:
  • Does government-sponsored gambling create more unfairness and inequality in America or less?
  • Are slot machines rigged? Do they cheat ordinary citizens?
  • Are slot machines financially and socially harmful if used by citizens in the way their designers intend?
  • How do casino marketing practices compare to those used by subprime mortgage lenders leading up to America's foreclosure crisis? Why did nearly every state attorneys general sue these subprime lenders yet virtually none have pursued the casinos?
  • How do casinos collect debts from citizens who borrowed money from the casino? What role does government play in the debt collection process?
  • Why do so many casino operators and political leaders who promote casinos rarely gamble themselves?
  • Why are casino ATMs so lucrative? Who owns the casino ATMs? What does the casino ATM owner do with the names of the people who take money out?
  • Why is government concealing the fact that the predatory gambling trade makes nearly all their money from extreme gamblers and doing virtually nothing to stop it except for symbolic gestures of "concern?"

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