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Casinos and state lotteries are the most predatory business in America and their windfall is coming at your expense.

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Big Problems with Gambling Research

With state legislatures across the country considering legalized gambling expansion, the need for unbiased research is crucial.  While other fields, such as alcohol or tobacco rely on academia for fact based evidence, many gambling researches remain beholden to industry funding, resulting in flawed and influenced findings. The research produced by independent studies, while likely more valid, may be perceived as incomplete or inferior due to lack of funds and access to data.

2014 The problem with gambling research

How Casinos Get You to Spend the Most Money

How casinos are layed out, from the positioning of the tables, down to the lighting and carpet patterns, is no accident.  But nothing is more directly related to end-of-the day profits than the strategy of the carefully placed slot machine. With slot revenue now accounting for 85% of profits, the slot machines of today are continuous and uninterrupted, allowing for minimal effort on the players part resulting in maximum financial loss.

2014 Slot-machine science How casinos get you to spend more money

U.S. Treasury Warns Casinos on Sports Betting

Warning of criminal activity such as money laundering, the Treasury Department is urging casinos to take steps to combat illegal sports gambling.   It is reported that currently 80% of global sports betting is illegal, therefore invisible to authorities.  This notice by the Treasure Dept. was issued just prior to the Super Bowl, one of the busiest betting weekends of the year.

2015 US Treasury warns casinos on illegal sports betting

Gambling machines research hijacked by gambling interests

If was confirmed by Gambling Watch UK, that recent research focuses on problem play and problem players rather than on problem products.  The research was conducted by companies having a history of contracts with the gambling industry.  Research conclusions were complicated and muddled, resulting in lack of any corrective action.

2015 Gambling machines research hijacked by the industry

Cash from Casinos Make Native Americans Poorer

For more than 25 years, the casino lobby has told the American people that casinos are the engine to help Native American tribes prosper. Now The Economist, the world’s leading international magazine, spotlights how casinos have actually made tribal members poorer.

2015 How cash from casinos makes Native Americans poorer


Study finds homeless are 9 times more likely to become gambling addicts

Researches at St. Michaels Hospital found evidence that link pathological gambling to an increased likelihood of homelessness.  Very few studies have explored a connection between homelessness and problem gambling.  Community Organizations (Homeless Shelters) staff don’t have the training to identify gambling addiction among the homeless.   Further research is needed across the country (globe) to help identify gambling addictions within the homeless.

2014 Gambling addictions are nine times more likely among homeless-2



Senior citizens and children neglected at casinos a potential sign of gambling addiction!

Individuals; fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, uncles and aunts; neglecting their responsibilities because of gambling. Children left unattended in casino parking lots while an adult is inside gambling is common.  Now we are seeing senior citizens being neglected by those charged with their care due to gambling.  The gambler who leaves children and/or senior citizens unattended while playing in the casino is meeting some criteria for a gambling problem.

2014 Children and elderly pay price for gamblers’ neglect

Music and sound effects contribute to why you keep losing at slot machines

A research team at the University of Waterloo has done extensive studies of the psychology of gambling.  Music and sound effects create a false positive for slot players.  Modern slot machines with several lines produce music and sound effects associated with a win, even if you’ve lost!  Indeed, there are few things more enticing than the sound of winning money…even when it’s an illusion.

2013 Why You Keep Losing at Slot Machines

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