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Casinos and state lotteries are the most predatory business in America and their windfall is coming at your expense.

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Article calls gambling executive out on lie about resort casinos

This article serves to refute a statement made by a former casino executive when he said, “the majority of people traveling to these destination resorts are not going for the primary purpose of gambling”. Once the article digs deeper into the issue, it finds that most people going to resort casinos are in fact going to gamble, leaving them open to all the harms gambling causes. Companies create these resort casinos claiming that the gambling is not the main attraction when evidence shows this is not the case.

2013 Gambling advocate says most people go to high-end casinos for amenities, not gambling

Legalization of casino gambling leads to corruption

A new report is out showing that legalizing casino gambling in states results in higher rates of public corruption. Casinos help create a “culture of corruption” in states in which they are legalized, which harms the community as a whole. Here you can find a summary of the report done by the Pew Research Center as well as the report itself.

2013 For states, gambling on casinos may be a bad bet

2013 Casinos and Political Corruption in the United States

Lotteries hurt winners, losers, and their communities

Lotteries hurt those who win, those who lose, and their surrounding communities,  as explained in this article from Those who win face problems such as drugs, bankruptcy, and familial tensions, those who lose deal with crippling poverty, and their surrounding areas tend to spend less and less on education.

2013 How Lotteries Are Bad For Players

Article outlines 18 signs that the lottery is preying on the poor

This article from Business Insider shows 18 ways in which the lotteries prey on and take advantage of America’s poor.  By examining several cases from several different states, one can see how badly this nationwide trend affects the nation’s most disadvantaged.

2012 18 Signs That The Lottery Is Preying On America’s Poor

10 reasons why lotteries are bad for the economy

This article from outlines the ten strongest reasons why state lotteries hurt the economy and the poor. It explains how lotteries not only hurt those who  play, but also hurt local business and help foster crime.

2013 10 reasons state lotteries ruin the economy

Lottery tickets may soon be purchased with credit cards

A recent rise in online gambling has caused some states to allow consumers to purchase lottery tickets online. However, as this article explains, this allows problem gamblers to rack up huge amounts of debt more quickly and more easily.

2013 Buy Lottery Tickets with a Credit Card

New Report Shows How Casinos Affect Seniors

Senior citizens are becoming more and more prone to problem gambling due to casinos, according to a new report by the Institute for American Values. Seniors are particularly vulnerable to slots and similar electronic games, some of the most highly addictive and highly profitable for casinos.


Regions With Casinos See Increase Sex Trafficking Among Minors

One of the most unfortunate consequences from casinos is that along with them tends to come a rise in crime. Of all the crimes associated with communities around casinos, one of the most prevalent is the sex trafficking of minors. This atrocity is garnering more and more attention nationwide as the number of children affected increases exponentially.

Increase in sex trafficking of minors getting local, state attention

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