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Government lottery tickets are now being sold at ATMs

by Les

Among the massive mountain of ever-growing evidence about how government’s experiment with gambling has failed, comes this latest avalanche from the Minnesota Lottery: citizens in that state can now buy lottery tickets at ATMs. As they take cash out of their savings or checking accounts, they can now lose some or all of it on virtually worthless government lottery tickets. This is the kind of “opportunity” that state governments like Minnesota prefer to offer citizens today. Read the lottery ATM story here.

Not surprisingly, this is the same lottery that uses puppets that appeal to children for their marketing campaign.


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  1. spgnewmexico

    Yes, this is the daily voice of state government, opening the vein and draining the blood out of its citizens. Since about half of all lottery revenue comes from problem gamblers the government gets to rely on out of control addicts to fund its projects. Nothing like an addicted clientele as a revenue source.

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