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The State of This Gambling Nation

by ivan

Today I am surveying the state of the gambling enterprises in the U.S. The mainstay of gambling is the casinos. The most useful information about commercial casinos was from the State of the States, published by the American Gaming Association. The last year this document was published was 2013 with data from 2012. Gamblers losses in 2012 were $37.34 billion at commercial casinos in 17 states. This was the second highest amount lost up to 2012, but has most likely been exceeded in the years since. Indian casinos do not publically have to report earnings in most states, but estimates range as high as $28 billion in 28 states. These estimates may be high since many Indian casinos are smaller. Fourteen states have racetrack casinos, 5 states have cardrooms with legal gambling, and 7 states have electronic gambling machines in non-casino venues. Illinois now has the most of these machines with over 4000 spread out with a limit of five per establishment. Eleven new commercial casinos opened in 2012, with fewer in the years following. While casino revenue is climbing a little, there is a definite leveling off in the general trend over the years. Ohio in 2012 was the last state to undergo a large expansion with three big casinos and several racetrack casinos in 2012 and 2013.

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