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The state AGs appeal to VP Elect Pence to reverse the DOJ action on internet gambling

by ivan

There are a wide variety of internet gambling approaches to draining the pockets of American families. Those who support internet gambling say it is an issue of personal rights, although those rights have only existed since 2011. They also blame it all on Sheldon Adelson who doesn’t want the competition for his casinos, although if that were the only reason, he could enter the marketplace himself. To the gamblers the current issue is that ten attorney generals have sent a joint letter to Trump and Pence requesting a return to the 1961 Wire Act in effect until December 23, 2011. The gamblers conveniently ignore that the enabling action was taken by the Department of Justice under the Obama Administration and not appropriately enacted by Congress. They requested that Trump overturn the DOJ action. This would shut down operations in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, and prevent possible action in Michigan, New York, California and Massachusetts. Interestingly, the AGs of Michigan and Nevada signed the letter. In the most ridiculous statement on the part of the gamblers is that the bill called the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) would impair states ability to ”protect their citizens.”  In reality it would aid in the protection of citizens and their families from predatory web sites, scammers, identity thieves, under-age gambling and fraud. They also claim that the AG letter is asking for “filling the swamp, rather than draining the swamp.” That is ridiculous as well, since the Congress is being ask to correct actions by the administration. Most of us fear the bureaucratic swamp more than the legislative swamp. Hooray for the AGs!!!!   Jennifer Newell, “Poker,” Newell is a free-lance writer on poker and sports.

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