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The Aroma of the Mob

by ivan

The Mob has long since given up direct investment in casinos, but the mentality of the Mob still lingers with the leadership of various casinos. On December 28, 2016 an alleged Mobster told a person who owed $30,000 to a Mob boss that if he were not white he would be dead. He was given a week extension to get the money. The Mob allegedly runs loansharking and illegal gambling from Massachusetts to Miami. The Mob still is around making money. The Sands casino in Bethlehem seems to have the same mentality. They are the only Pennsylvania casino that has refused to honor a ten million dollar agreement made with Lehigh valley governments. The PA Supreme Court struck down the agreement and while the other casinos in the area have agreed to honor the payments until the Legislature can rewrite the law, the Sands has not agreed. Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli indicated prosecutors could be selective on which cases they brought to Court, and if the Sands did not make the payment their cases would fall to the bottom of the pile. The Sands would have to pursue some cases in Civil Court at their own expense. Some casino friends have suggested that Morganelli is behaving unethically while others believe the Sands is. Whenever, casinos move into a state, the number of legal cases increases. And the legal system is always on the edge of distress to keep casinos operating legitimately.  

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