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New Jersey Poll

by ivan

A Quinnipiac University poll found that a majority of New Jersey residents said gambling had been bad for New Jersey and would resist additional casinos in the state. When asked whether gambling had been good for New Jersey 62% said no and only 29% said yes. A second question about whether casinos had been good for Atlantic City, 60% said no and 35% said yes. Chris Christie, who has supported casinos with state money, has historically low approval ratings. Trump Taj Mahal recently closed after 26 years. It is the fifth casino to close in the last two years, out of the original thirteen. In November, the state took over the city government due to its financial shambles. Despite this voters between 18 and 24 indicated they thought gambling had been good for Atlantic City. Voters surveyed opposed moving casinos into other parts of the state by 79% to 19%. Pennsylvania casinos received record revenue in fiscal 2015-16. This competition explains New Jersey’s problem, namely competition. For those Kentucky legislators drooling over casinos in Kentucky, they need to look at New Jersey’s problems and remember that Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia, and Missouri all have casinos. Indiana is suffering from competition the most, and Kentucky would follow suit. Kentucky has four supposedly pari-mutuel horse based casinos, but the novelty has not yet worn off. Soon the decline sets in and further calls for expansion will come. This is standard operating procedure. December 13, 2016

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