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Gambling kills one Australian pre Day

by ivan

Australians spend A$761 per capita per year on gambling, the highest rate in the world. As a result nearly 400 per year commit suicide over gambling debt. Australians spent A$23 BILLION last year, over half of it on slot machines. There is no excitement over reform because the states reap over A$5.8 BILLION per year. With only a half percent of the world’s population, Australia has 20% of the world’s slot machines. One in six Australians who plays regularly is addicted and spends an average of A$21,000 per year. The social cost of gambling is about A$4.7 Billion per year compared to the A$5.8 Billion the states receive in taxes. Reform movements are overwhelmed by gambling lobbying, and generally go nowhere. Gambling seems to be part of Australia’s national character, but at a hideously high cost. With casinos in 40 states the US seems headed in the same direction but spends the 7th ranking amount per capita per year. Gambling is out of control and beginning to run politics for the benefit of the casino owners.   Jason Scott and Michael Heath, “Gambling Disease Kills On Australian a Day, But It’s Too Lucrative to Cure.”  

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