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Downsizing Harness Racing

by ivan

In Lawrence County, Indiana the end of 2016 has seen the demise of a twelve year effort to gain financing for harness track with a casino. On July 13, 2016 the Gaming Control Board turned down a casino/track application on the basis that the applicant Endeka Entertainment did not have adequate finances to build the facility. The proposal had been on the table for twelve years since the harness Racing Commission turned down Carmen Shick on the basis that his grandfather had done legitimate business with organized crime figures. Shick sold to Centaur Gaming which gained a harness license in 2008 but was refused a slots license when it lost a billion dollar line of credit when it missed a bank imposed deadline. The two major investors in the current project declined to appeal the Gaming Control Board decision, closed up shop and the project was dead. Meanwhile in Maine the action was heated. Bangor has a racetrack casino and Churchill Downs owns a racetrack casino. York County has fielded a proposal for a casino, which both existing casinos are opposing. Scarborough Downs was approved for a casino several years ago, but was never able to convince the local community to approve it. Expansion is unlikely. in review/ December, 26, 2016. See also  

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