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American Gaming Association wants repeal of PASPA

The American Gaming Association (AGA) wants more gambling regardless of the consequences to families and economies. In 1992 the U.S. Congress passed and the President signed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) which sought to eliminate gambling on …

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Federal Court Blocks New Jersey Attempt to introduce Sports Betting at Casino and Tracks

New Jersey’s plan to legalize sports books at casinos and racetracks was rejected by the United States Court of Appeals, which upheld the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act which prohibits authorizing sports betting. Of the twelve justices hearing the …

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Legalized sports gambling is playing a large role in corrupting popular sports

This editorial by The Nation declares legalized sports gambling operators play an equal if not greater role in corrupting popular sports than illegal, underground gambling. 2016 ‘Legitimate’ gambling is destroying sports

Sports gambling apps target users as young as 13 years old

This Market Watch article outlines the move by app developers to tap into the large and growing U.S. sports gambling market by developing ‘freemium’ models for users as young as 13 years old. These models include no purchase required apps …

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U.S. Treasury Warns Casinos on Sports Betting

Warning of criminal activity such as money laundering, the Treasury Department is urging casinos to take steps to combat illegal sports gambling.   It is reported that currently 80% of global sports betting is illegal, therefore invisible to authorities.  This …

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Quest to legalize sports gambling could destroy professional athletics…”Say it ain’t so Joe”

This article regarding legalizing sports gambling points out how it could destroy professional athletics here in the US.  Sports gambling regulations in the US are among the strictest in the world!  On October 6, 2014 a federal judge is expected …

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New Jersey is chasing losses

“Chasing losses” among gamblers means trying to recover money lost gambling by more gambling in the vain hope that the next round will be different. As states have become addicted to gambling revenue, they too can chase losses by expanding …

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Investigation finds Champions League soccer match was fixed

An investigation by Europol, the law-enforcement agency of the European Union, has found that a Champions League soccer match in the UK which ended in a tie was fixed. Europol did not release the identity of the match due to …

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Investigation finds worldwide game-fixing in soccer

This Los Angeles Times story details the results of an investigation that found worldwide and widespread corruption in soccer. Europol, the joint police body of the European Union, has released information form its ongoing investigation of the possibility of major worldwide soccer …

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In-play betting ads ‘encourage children to gamble’

Various gambling bodies have been recently reprimanded by the Advertising Standards Authority for encouraging children to gamble. In this article the issue in England is highlighted with various advertisements centered around  ‘in-play’ betting, targeting the younger demographic. In-play betting ads …

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NBA Hall of Famer Bill Bradley Speaks Out Against Sports Betting

NBA Hall of Famer and former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley has been a consistent opponent of sports betting. In fact, he helped pass the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, which banned the practice in all 50 states, with …

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National gambling addiction specialist speaks out against predatory sports gambling

One of America’s most outspoken gambling treatment specialists, Arnie Wexler, recently published an excellent column about how aggressive some in the media have become about promoting point spreads for sporting events. Read Arnie’s column below: From Arnie Wexler, a gambling addiction treatment …

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Predatory Gambling Bigger Threat Than Performance Enhancing Drugs

This article from The Australian outlines how predatory gambling is a greater threat to the integrity of sports than performance-enhancing drugs. The Australian – Sport Asleep Over Gambling Threat

Why Legalizing Sports Betting and Online Gambling is a Loser for New Jersey

In an excellent op-ed column, former New Jersey Casino Control Commission member Carl Zeitz examines why legalizing sports betting and online gambling is a bad deal for New Jersey. Sports Betting and Online Gambling Are Not a Smart Bet for …

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