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Absence of Research Integrity

Gambling machines research hijacked by gambling interests

If was confirmed by Gambling Watch UK, that recent research focuses on problem play and problem players rather than on problem products.  The research was conducted by companies having a history of contracts with the gambling industry.  Research conclusions were complicated and muddled, resulting in lack of any corrective action. 2015 Gambling machines research hijacked by the industry

Big Problems with Gambling Research

With state legislatures across the country considering legalized gambling expansion, the need for unbiased research is crucial.  While other fields, such as alcohol or tobacco rely on academia for fact-based evidence, many gambling researchers remain beholden to industry funding, resulting in flawed and influenced findings. The research produced by independent studies, while likely more valid, may be perceived as incomplete or inferior due to lack of funds and access to data. 2014 The problem with gambling research

He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune with Gambling Research

Not surprisingly, a key finding from a team of British anthropologists found academic research into gambling heavily biased, controlled by industry and government. Gambling researchers maintain funding by producing research that is safe, uncritical and reliably delivered.  What is lacking is the asking of the uncomfortable questions and hearing even more uncomfortable answers, something the government nor gambling industry are inclined to do. 2014 He who pays the piper calls the tune- gambling with research

Fair Game: Producing Gambling Research

This extensive and important report by the UK's Rebecca Cassidy details the ways in which gambling research is presently conducted and funded. It also identifies a need for more unbiased reporting. It examines the state of gambling research and how it can be tainted by the influence of money and/or lawmakers who are supported by the gambling industry. 2014 Fair Game Producing Gambling Research

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