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Political official attempts to silence citizen leader from speaking against state-sanctioned casinos

When you push something that will lower a region’s standard of living and severely harm thousands, you are forced to silence credible citizen leaders who publicly reveal the truth.

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“We, the Losers,” our update on the national movement to stop predatory gambling is out

To read the update, click on the cover:

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SPG’s National Victims Advocate powerfully speaks out in today’s Chicago Tribune

Melynda Litchfield, SPG’s National Victims Advocate, has a powerful op-ed in today’s Chicago Tribune about the failure of state government to protect the safety of its own citizens from the exploitation of predatory gambling operators, operators who are sponsored by… Read more

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New Hampshire’s largest newspaper names casino opposition leader “Citizen of the Year.”

For his selfless and effective leadership opposing government sponsorship of predatory gambling, New Hampshire’s largest newspaper named Jim Rubens “Citizen of the Year.” We are all deeply proud of Jim and his fellow citizens who have sacrificed much to fight… Read more

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The City of Toronto’s Board of Health votes 9-1 against proposed city casino

The City of Toronto’s Board of Health showed uncommon courage and integrity by voting 9-1 against its mayor’s push for a casino. Read the Toronto Sun story below. (you’ll find the full report here.) Toronto’s Board of Health is putting… Read more

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The government’s days of practicing gross exploitation through casinos and lotteries are numbered

Below is one of the very best columns ever written about how government’s partnership with gambling has failed. It was just published on July 15th and was written by Australian Senator Nick Xenophon. “Pokies” are the equivalent of slots in… Read more

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The “Live Free or Die” state convincingly chooses to live free of casinos

Congratulations to Jim Rubens and to all the citizens and organizations in New Hampshire who today helped defeat a bill to legalize casinos in that state.   Where the media was expecting a close vote, the New Hampshire House voted… Read more

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Iowa State Senator: “What kind of government bets against its own people?”

Iowa State Senator Brad Zaun published the following piece in The Des Moines Register.  From Sen. Zaun: State government’s insatiable hunger to glean more money from citizens reached cleverly into homes across Iowa last week. The Senate passed a bill to… Read more

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Watch Miami business leader Norman Braman effectively explain why casinos are a failed policy

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The Faith Community in America at Its Best

Kentucky pastor  Hershael York was invited to deliver the prayer before Gov. Steve Beshear’s budget address on Tuesday. York spent half his 80-second prayer talking about government’s failed policy of predatory gambling. York told Baptist Press he felt burdened to… Read more

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“You people are takers. You don’t give anything to a community. All you do is take.”

There continue to be a growing number of Americans who are speaking out about government’s failed policy of predatory gambling. The highly-successful, Miami-based auto dealer Norman Braman is the latest. At a press conference surrounded by other business leaders, Braman… Read more

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“The risks to New Hampshire from expanded gambling are simply too high” – NH Governor Announces He Will Veto Any Legislation Allowing Casinos in the State

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch yesterday announced that he will veto any legislation allowing casinos or racinos in the state. In a detailed letter to legislative leadership, the Governor outlined a number of reasons for his decision to veto any… Read more


The collapse of government’s failed policy of predatory gambling draws one step closer

For anyone curious about what the long-term future holds for government’s failed policy of predatory gambling, one must read the remarks delivered on the House floor yesterday by Massachusetts State Rep. Ruth Balser, D-Newton, during the casino debate. She put… Read more


Connecticut citizen leader acts to reveal state lottery’s predatory practices

The Hartford Courant’s Rick Green, one of America’s elite journalists on the failed policy of predatory gambling, has an excellent column about a citizen effort in Connecticut led by Adam Osmond, a former lottery agent who has filed a series… Read more

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Huge push for predatory gambling expansion dies in Illinois

On the heels of the powerful 60 Minutes segment that aired this past Sunday night, a massive bill to expand predatory gambling during a lame duck session of the Illinois Legislature went down to defeat. You can read the news… Read more

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California city rejects casino push

Despite millions of dollars spent by predatory gambling interests on media and public affairs to drive their deceptive message, the citizens of Richmond soundly rejected a bid to bring a casino into their community. Led by a thoughtful mayor who… Read more

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Leading the way

Josh McCanless, a citizen leader in Missouri, wrote a passionate, fact-based op-ed about the government program of predatory gambling in The Southeast Missourian today. The people who are going to get America heading in the right direction will come from… Read more

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Turning love your neighbor as yourself into the American Way

The Dallas Morning News has a terrific story this week in which they ask area faith leaders this question: If Texas is looking at cutting spending on education, health care, and other vital services, is it wrong to turn to… Read more

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We Can Do It

America was once a country that ran public campaigns using now classic images like Rosie the Riveter, with her biceps flexed declaring “We can do it” – an icon symbolizing a generation of people we now call “the Greatest Generation…. Read more

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Another victim of predatory gambling speaks out

Kent Glowinski, an attorney and former gambling addict, speaks out against the government program of predatory gambling. Glowinski rightly argues that government is unwilling to aggressively stop the predatory business practices used by casinos because it depends on the revenue…. Read more

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When talented political leadership takes on predatory gambling

Most people in elected office are either very good on the substantive, policy side or they are very good at the political side of things – possessing a keen political savvy. It is uncommon to find both qualities in a… Read more

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The Philadelphia Movement is a source of inspiration for us all

The Philadelphia City Paper ran an excellent story today about the growing movement to stop predatory gambling in that city that should be read by every concerned citizen across America. All successful social movements have had four pieces: education, legislation,… Read more

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Good intentions and predatory gambling money are mutually exclusive

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh media ran a story how four charities accepted $34,000 each from the recently opened casino in that city. The charities were the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, Allegheny General Hospital and the… Read more

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