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The Aroma of the Mob

The Mob has long since given up direct investment in casinos, but the mentality of the Mob still lingers with the leadership of various casinos. On December 28, 2016 an alleged Mobster told a person who owed $30,000 to a… Read more

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Casinos Ignite Indian War

War between Indian tribes was pretty much confined to the nineteenth century and earlier until the advent of casinos. It has returned, but this time fought in the courts rather than on the prairies or in the woods. The Grand… Read more

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Meaning of the “duty of care”

The West Virginia Supreme Court recently ruled that casinos and suppliers of gambling technology have no “duty of care” to their customers. West Virginia joins Indiana in declaring that casinos have no responsibility to their patrons and cannot be sued… Read more

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Judge Awards $870 million to Kentucky

JUDGE AWARDS $870 MILLION TO KENTUCKY Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate awarded $870 Million to the state against Amaya, Inc., the parent company of the website PokerStars, for illegal play from 2006 to 2011 in Kentucky. The State sued… Read more

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SPG files amicus brief in support of casino repeal ballot question in Massachusetts

Yesterday, Stop Predatory Gambling filed an amicus brief with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court regarding the soon-to-heard case on whether citizens can vote to repeal state government’s sponsorship of casinos. Casino interests are strongly opposing the repeal question. Oral arguments… Read more

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Duty of care from the casino side

Though written from a gambling industry bias, Kelly and Igelman (2009) examine some of the intriguing cases involving “duty of care.” Perhaps with the exception of undisclosed out-of-court settlements, casinos and other gambling businesses have largely avoided the setting of… Read more

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Dissenting judge asserts casino “duty of care”

“It seems clear that both the casinos and the State of Indiana share a common interest in gamblers – pathological or otherwise—losing as much money as quickly as possible. One wonders if Indiana’s legislators—and more importantly, their constituents—have any qualms… Read more

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Another major U.S. media outlet exposes the failed government policy of predatory gambling

Following on the heels of the 60 Minutes investigation into slot machines that aired in January, The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Science Writer John Mangels publishes his investigative series into predatory gambling this week appropriately titled “Game of Trance.” The quality… Read more


“Come Play” and then later we’ll sue to recoup the money we loaned you to gamble with

Mohegan Sun in Connecticut is suing a Florida man who gambled away $1.2 million in credit that the casino loaned him in May 2009. Court documents filed by the man say the casino solicited him to open a line of… Read more


We already know you can’t stop yourself but we’ll keep the burden on you to stop because we’re making a lot of money at your expense

The concept of the “self-exclusion list” has always been a scheme for casinos and government to help deflect attention away from how they severely exploit addicted gamblers to reap their profits. Such lists allow them to say, like the Indiana… Read more


It’s official: the Sport of Kings is dead

Horse racing has long been described as “the sport of kings.” But for the last twenty years, in the face of declining interest in horse racing, track owners have spent their resources adding slot machines and other gimmicks to make… Read more

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Predatory Gambling Victim Needs Our Help Today

SPG Foundation Executive Director Les Bernal just returned from visiting Arelia Taveras in a New York jail. Arelia was once a highly-successful attorney who became a gambling addict – in the language of the casinos she was “played to extinction” -… Read more


Indiana Supreme Court Exempts Casinos from State Common Law

Yesterday the Indiana Supreme Court ruled against a woman who said a riverboat preyed on her gambling addiction. Jenny Kephart of Nashville, Tenn., filed a lawsuit against Caesars Indiana in 2007 after the Ohio River casino near Louisville, Ky., sued… Read more

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Philadelphia puts the casinos on trial

Today, thirteen Philadelphia citizens arrested in a highly-publicized but peaceful demonstration against the government program of predatory gambling were found not guilty. The citizens had lined the entrance to the proposed SugarHouse casino site which recently started construction. The Sugarhouse… Read more

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The Chairman of the Expendable Americans caste

The Wall Street Journal has a MUST-READ story about Terrance Watanabe, the Nebraska man who lost nearly $127 million during a year-long gambling binge at the Caesars Palace and Rio casinos in 2007. The government is a full-fledged partner in… Read more

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Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down Slots Proposal

The Ohio Supreme Court did its part yesterday to help get the state and America back on the right track and reaffirm our founding democratic principles. In a 6-1 decision, the Court ruled that voters must have the chance to… Read more

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