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Comments on workplace theft

A new study has been conducted of workplace theft in Australia. A special focus of the study was of medium sized businesses where the theft involved cash, electronic fund transfers and false invoices for goods never received. Fast growing businesses… Read more

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Vegas Sportbook Underpays Winners

Are you surprised?  Sometimes the regular percentage for gambling establishments is just not enough.  Cantor Gambling (CG) operated sports books at The Venetian, Cosmopolitan, Tropicana, Hard Rock, Palm, Silverton and the M.  In 2014 CG reached a settlement with The… Read more

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Former NFL player steals from Ohio charities

A former NFL star player for 12 years stole from at least two charities he managed. He pled guilty to charges of stealing about $100,000 after an FBI investigation. He used the money to pay off gambling debts and personal… Read more

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Judge Awards $870 million to Kentucky

JUDGE AWARDS $870 MILLION TO KENTUCKY Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate awarded $870 Million to the state against Amaya, Inc., the parent company of the website PokerStars, for illegal play from 2006 to 2011 in Kentucky. The State sued… Read more

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Crime at Casinos

Casino operators would have you believe that crime is reduced by their brightly lighted parking lots and extra police patrols in the area. Other reports tell a different story, which indicates that the casino is not the safest place to… Read more

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A Bankruptcy Case

I have always wondered why gamblers who lose more than they make in a year are not checked to make sure they are gambling with their own money. And if they are not gambling their own money why does the… Read more

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Biggest Lottery Scam Ever

The trial of Eddie Tipton in the $16.5 million lottery scam in Iowa began August 13, 2015. Tipton, an employee of the Lottery, is accused of rigging the security cameras in the “Draw Room” of the Lottery, inserting the winning… Read more

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South Dakota Tribal Marijuana Center

The Flambeau tribe in South Dakota thinks it has discovered a new revenue stream as fruitful as its gambling casino. The tribe has legalized marijuana, even though the state has not, raising a new complication between the Interior Department and… Read more

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Crooks with Video Licenses

State regulators blame inadequate staff numbers for the failure to note a felony conviction for one applicant granted a license, two known Mob associates and another applicant’s criminal past. One goal of approving video gambling was to shut down illegal… Read more

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A question about stolen money

Why is it that casinos get away with keeping stolen money when the criminal patron is discovered? Since most players use a rewards card, and the casinos gather all kinds of information including annual salary, why are not casinos required… Read more

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Man Bites Dog

For the past 23 years I have been writing about the social consequences of expanded gambling. The “fruit” of gambling is very public: jobs and revenue. The pain of gambling caused by the addicted and the problem gamblers is mostly… Read more

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Casinos and Embezzlement

Embezzlement is very interesting because it is among the most frequently mentioned crimes to which pathological gamblers admit, yet the number of arrests and convictions nationwide is quite small.   The question becomes, is there really a connection between embezzlement and… Read more

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The relationship of casinos and crime

The relationship with casinos and crime is evolving.  The baseline is changing and the research is becoming more complicated.  The first point is that crime inside the casino would not exist if the casino were not there.  The extent of… Read more

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SPG Supports Operation Chokepoint, Urges Senators to Do the Same

Last week, Stop Predatory Gambling wrote to Senators in support of Operation Chokepoint – a Department of Justice program designed to uncover third party payment processors who facilitate fraud and related criminal activity associated with illegal commercial gambling. SPG has… Read more

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Nevada, America’s predatory gambling capital, ranked most violent state in the nation

Predatory gambling operators often describe their business like its a Disney World for older people but that message is just another story line to the phony PR narrative they relentlessly push across the country. Yesterday, the 2012 United States Peace… Read more

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ESPN reveals high stakes wagering on youth football games in Florida

While our mission as an organization focuses specifically on the failed government policy of predatory gambling, the recent ESPN segment revealing the high stakes betting taking place on Florida Youth Football games is one of the most disturbing news items… Read more

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Professional lottery ticket cashers provide a window into another reason why state lotteries are a failed public policy

The Boston Herald’s Hillary Chabot breaks a major story this morning about the prevalance of  “professional lottery ticket cashers.”  These individuals hand in multiple winning lottery tickets given to them by people who want to avoid back taxes, evade child… Read more

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C’mon, Gary. You need to get out more.

The latest scandal involving the government’s biggest public policy failure in the last fifty years shows how money laundering and loan sharking operates in casinos. The Asian gambling director (an example of what we at SPG describe as racial-profiling casino-style)… Read more


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