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Blog No 100 New Lottery Game

by ivan

The Georgia Lottery has launched the latest gimmick to lure players. This time they are after the Millennials and their Smartphones. For $2 per play the person buys a chance to win up to $10,000 electronically. The game was released Friday. September 16 and is expected to attract younger technosavvy players who don’t normally buy lottery tickets. LottoInteractive, the game producer of Star Match, officials predict that customers will spend more and have the opportunity to win real cash instead of the virtual prizes most mobile gamers win. In July a Gallup Poll revealed that about 49% of Americans play the lottery spending $20.9 Billion on tickets. This will only increase the losses for the players. Opponents of lotteries and gambling are disturbed by the threat of even greater losses by lower socio-economic players who disproportionately play the lottery. Now they will not have to leave their couch to lose their money. The Gallup Poll also showed that 11% of lottery players gambled excessively with the games. This new wrinkle will only make things worse. No one really knows to what extent electronic gambling will grow with this innovation. Mike Snider, “Candy Crush type game for state lotto debuts,” USA Today. September 16. 2016

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