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American Gaming Association wants repeal of PASPA

by ivan

The American Gaming Association (AGA) wants more gambling regardless of the consequences to families and economies. In 1992 the U.S. Congress passed and the President signed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) which sought to eliminate gambling on sports that would lead to attempts to fix the games. The law has been largely successful in making sports gambling private or underground until the advent of Daily Fantasy Sports betting. Now the AGA is on a five year campaign to have Congress repeal PASPA and open up gambling on sports. The AGA has organized gamblers, sports figures, media representatives and states’ rights entities to push Congress.  Some lobbyists and Jack Abramoff, former “super-lobbyist” say that may be more difficult than expected. While the third of Americans who gamble regularly seem to support the AGA position, the two-thirds who don’t gamble on s regular basis seem mildly threatened by the repeal of PASPA, content with the current situation without wondering if the game they are watching is on the level. While the Millennial Generation seems less interested in gambling that their parents and grand-parents, they also are less interested in government regulating the “purity” of anything. On the other hand sports seems to be the last place that previous generations are concerned about purity, and so there will be resistance to repeal of PASPA. We know that gamblers come back year after year until they wear resistance down and get what they want. So those of us who oppose sports gambling want to see DFS shut down as illegal , and must gird up for a long battle to save PASPA.“tectonic-shift”/

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